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“Wendy is a wise and talented astrologer. She creates a safe and sacred space in her readings. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others, and in fact, I have!

I also took her weekend beginning astrology class. I learned so much that weekend, that I immediately went home and applied that knowledge to understanding mine and my family’s chart more deeply. She uses a thoughtful progression of knowledge in her teaching approach, which laid a great foundation for me. Wendy is a fun, easygoing, creative and engaging teacher!”

— B.A., Renton, WA

“Finding the answers to cause and effect can be incredibly difficult when managed alone. However, if we all understand that our path is written in the stars, we’d have a much better outlook on life and divine timing. Wendy gave me direction and answers to my most precious moments in life. I seek her guidance often for prayer, healing, and to tame my mind from overthinking. I admire the passion she holds for her work, and the dedication she exhibits as a friend. I am honored to call her one of mine.”

— K.S., Denver, CO

“Just as you said, I met someone last May, early June. We married last week.”

— also from K.S., Denver CO

“Wanted to tell you, when you read my chart and told me my creativity would be on fire starting mid January of this year — you were absolutely right! It’s been incredible so far!”

— B.W., Toronto, Ontario

“I've worked with Wendy several times over the last year. Her energy is strong, kind, clean, and healing and our sessions sure did create some cool (and revealing) results and breakthroughs that continue to occur for me long after the sessions. I trust her implicitly, and am excited to continue building a professional relationship with her!”

— M.B., San Diego, CA

“Wendy has such a caring intuitive touch when it comes to her business. I don't even like to use that word business, you feel like part of her family ! She has a way of making you feel relaxed, calm and safe. She is easy to open up to, and listens with her whole heart and mind ! She is very skilled in what she does, and is always taking classes to update herself in her field. Very caring and educated!”

— H.R., Mill Creek, WA

“Wendy is a very bright and creative energy healer.”

— A.C., Newcastle, WA

“Wendy is warm, intuitive, and professional. She is a kindhearted healer who offers deep/intense holistic sessions with great care. Her positive energy as well as compassion ensures her client's comfort.”

— C.A., Seattle, WA

“Wendy has a unique ability to truly and authentically connect with the subtle essence of each human being's life track. I'm so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to work with her. Immediately after my session with her, I felt the layers of my energy field reorganize in a way that would totally redefine my life force. What a spectacular experience!”

— C.M., Richmond, VA

“In the session with Wendy, I got a big and very important, if not the most important, piece of my soul back. Wendy was able to help me in a most loving way to connect with it. Because of her clear and deep guidance, I know for certain that it will be with me the rest of my life. I feel complete and deeply happy.”

— B.Z., Switzerland

“Wendy is an amazing and caring healer. Before, during, and after my appointments, I learned so much, and really took some great leaps in my spirituality and healing. She is excited to share her knowledge... so giving!.... and I truly feel she wants all the best for me. She is a sweetheart.”

— C.H., Los Angeles, CA

“Wendy, I want to take a moment to thank you for that wonderful reading you did for me last month. The reading was clear and so insightful, that Linda and I could only look at each other and shake our heads, as you outlined one item after another that only we were aware of. The icing on the cake was the energy clearing you did. After each problem area was located, you asked permission and then proceeded to clear or balance each of the areas that needed attention. The best part followed the reading, as Linda and I drove home, and I started to notice the lightness and mental clarity I was experiencing. Physically, mentally. and emotionally, I felt balanced and clear in a way that I haven't felt in many years. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, for using your unique skills to bring wholeness back into my life in such a powerful manner. P.S. My intuitive side has also greatly improved and I find this to be an unexpected bonus in my life. In total gratitude,”

— P.C., Port Angeles, WA

“Yesterday Pat and I went to Seattle to meet with Wendy. He wanted a reading to clarify the intention of his spirit guides. It came to him that he should have Wendy do a reading for him. In my many curious years I have known a lot of physics and healers and never have I been so privileged as to sit in on the session with Pat and Wendy. Wendy is absolutely amazing. She was right on in every aspect. I can't begin to recommend Wendy highly enough if you need any kind of counseling with the changes you are experiencing.”

— L.C., Port Angeles, WA

“My healing session with Wendy Wywrot was very transformative, enlightening and refreshing! Wendy initiated and facilitated the sacred space to connect with enlightened and angelic beings from the higher realms to assist me with multi-dimensional healing, and soul retrieval; which spanned many lifetimes, and on many levels. With my permission, Spirit expertly assisted me with releasing major blocks and core beliefs from this and other lifetimes, that were impacting me, & were preventing me from being the beacon of light that I AM.

Our session left me with the feeling of immense joy, gratitude and appreciation for all that I AM and all that I'm destined to become as I walk my path with renewed faith and confidence. Forgiving thyself and loving thyself is imperative to one's awakening and re-membering who you really are, so that you may reflect the inner love outwards in support of humanity. Thank you Wendy for your wonderful work, your beautiful spirit, and your precious friendship! In love and light,”

— D.G., Virginia